This picture is hilarious because it’s Drake face on a member of Milla Vanilla, a popular 90s group that gained even more fame when it was revealed they didn’t sing or write their songs.

So Meek Mill dropped the response to Drake, and as an avid Drake fan I’m really searching to see whether or not I’m hating or was this really, really a bad diss song. But let’s listen to the music, and see what was said. Because let’s real, that’s all that matters.

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The War on Drugs in the United States is a sham to put it nicely, an affront to people who truly struggle with drug abuse and a way to control the social upward mobility of primarily, young minority male suspects. In July 2014 I wrote a short two-part series on the War on Drugs and the adverse effects it has had on this particular segment.

Earlier this week, new Chief-Director of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Chuck Rosenberg made comments that well, well you have to read them yourself to fully grasp what is going on here.

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As he preps for his #ScreamingDreams‘ release(8.9.2015,) KEY! drops NO ONE IS READY 3. Working with Jace of Two-9 on every track, Key! is showing his sound versatility and lyrical touch with these 3 records. “No Where” is basically Jace’s record. “Rush Hour (Feat. FatKidsBrotha)” is real cypher style, Two-9 edition. Key! closes out with “DrugStore“. Singing about the topic at hand, its a groovy tune. Not a bad surprise appetizer, not bad at all.

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Future Hendrix has been running hip-hop since he dropped Monster last October. Knowing that he had some redeeming to do, he went back to what felt right and that’s led him here. Dirty Sprite 2 aka DS2. Announcing it only a week prior to it’s release, the anticipation was really heavy. The streets was ready for new Future, since 56 Nights & Beast Mode were basically teases. Being produced entirely by Metro Boomin and Southside(808 Mafia) with a pinch of Zaytoven seasoning, DS2 captures Future’s recent sound immensely. Expanding it sonically, but providing the same vibe Future has been giving the past 9 months, DS2 is exactly what the people wanted.

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The two biggest news stories of the week have revolved around the killings of unarmed endangered species. One at the hands of a campus police officer in Ohio, the other by a game-hunting dentist from Minnesota who was visiting Zimbabwe. Both stories are tragic, and may cause you to question humanity, but the responses to each killing are what have people choosing sides.

Want to make it clear, both killings are horrible situations, but the outcry for the death of an animal should never outweigh the death of a human, should it?

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