The New Year is upon us, and the NBA season is kicking into high gear. With a majority of teams already halfway through their schedule its time to look towards the end of the season and what teams will be making the most noise come May and June.

1. Golden State Warriors should be the favorites to win it all, RIGHT NOW.  

At 34-6 the Warriors have the best record in the NBA, and have also been playing the best basketball according to the eye test. It’s no surprise that the Warriors rank first in many offensive categories, including – points, assists, field goals and 3-point field goals. What may come as a surprise however is how good the team has been defensively. The Warriors are top ten in seven of eight defensive team categories. With the team’s deep bench and MVP favorite Steph Curry the Warriors have all the makings of an NBA champion contender. Injuries or a potential playoff match up with Oklahoma City seem to be the only things standing in the teams way. But we are a ways from May, and a lot of basketball is left to be played, but at the moment, Golden State is the team to beat.

2. The Atlanta Hawks are the best team in the Eastern Conference and there’s little argument. 

Through 43 games no one could have predicted the Atlanta Hawks would have the best record in the Eastern Conference, let alone be six games ahead of the second place team. Yet, that’s exactly what the Hawks have done. Atlanta has shown that a superstar player isn’t always necessary when team basketball is the focal point. The Hawks are averaging an impressive 103.2 ppg (6th) on 26 apg (2nd), but what has been most impressive is the team’s defense. The Hawks are No. 1 in points allowed at 96.1 ppg. Currently on a 14 game winning streak, the Hawks are proving that they are the real deal. If you think it’s just the case of them beating up on bad teams, Atlanta boast a 10-2 record against Western Conference opponents.

3. Andrew Wiggins is everything advertised and then some.  Read More

Sometime in the summer, my brother was telling me Montana of 300 had the best “Chi-raq” remix.  I wasn’t hearing it, mostly because I have a preference on that beat.  However, I stumbled across his “Try Me” Remix & I’ve enjoyed every song I’ve listened too since.

Every other bar is likely to be a punchline, a solid one, he’s comfortable with his beats, and the bars don’t seem to stop.  Surprised I don’t haven’t heard him being played more, with these type of bars I would expect that at least one person around me would be playing it.

Montana also released a mixtape recent, Cursed With A Blessing.  With hits “Air Jordan“,”Ice Cream Truck” and endless other quotable you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

Recently putting out Beast Mode, Future shows why he remains relevant in Rap.  Nine-tracks solid, approximately 27 minutes running time, the tape is a nice appetizer (more Spinach Dip than Chicken Wings).  This tape is entirely produced by Zaytoven, has a repeatable verse from Juvenile, and Future talks about fucking twin sisters, why not give it a spin?

TOP NOTABLE TRACKS: Where I Came From, No Basic, Forever Eva

*click names for stream/download

Now onto the entree.  MONSTER, released 10/28/14, was undoubtably in my top 5 mixtapes of 2014.  Standing 16 tracks deep, 14 being actual records, 15 if you count Throw Away’s second half, MONSTER is sure to have your full, merely-divided attention.  Executive produced by Metro Boomin, MONSTER is trap elegance, it’s like if you mix Travis Scott & Gucci Mane.  The tape is so fire I have to name my top NON-notable’s because I’ll name damn near every track otherwise.  If you haven’t heard or don’t listen, you sleeping hard. #StayWoke

TOP NON-NOTABLE TRACKS: After ThatWesley Presley, 2 Pac



As 2014 came to a close, Marky P released his most recent project, SweatsNKicks. The seven track EP is the first project from Marky P in almost two years, and the DMV rapper doesn’t fail to deliver.

From the storytelling to catchy metaphors, this EP will keep you bobbing your head and grooving from track one to seven.

You can listen to the full EP below, or visit Marky P Soundcloud or download Here.


In 2014 we have a far different view of the world than we did 50-60 years ago. From what is socially acceptable to economics and everything in between, it’s safe to say that we have evolved as a country and a world. So it always seems hard, often times downright impossible, to understand how or why the people who came before us made the decisions that they did.

I think that inquiries like this lead us to cases, such as that in most recent news with ultra-famous comedian/actor Bill Cosby. For the last two months, news has resurfaced about Cosby’s sexual assault counts, some of which date back as far as the 60’s. In addition to resurfacing news, recently, he has been publicly accused of sexually assaulting and or raping more than 20 different women, some of which exist in the same Hollywood realm that he did, like Beverly Johnson, who came forward and spoke on it.

Read More



Most  NBA teams have played a quarter of their games so far, and though judgments still may be premature. The sample size is large enough to make some of those judgments with conviction. Here are five more things we’ve learned from the NBA this season.

1. Through 21 games Steph Curry is your 2014-15 NBA MVP. If you didn’t believe Curry was a top 10 player in the league coming into the season you must now. The five-year veteran is averaging 23 ppg (6th in NBA) 7.7 apg (5th in NBA) and 1.8 spg (T-8th in NBA) while leading the Golden State Warriors to the best record in basketball at 19-2. Not only has Curry’s sharp shooting helped the Warriors be one of the top offenses, but his improved play on the defensive side has allowed for Golden State to be a top 5 defensive team as well. If the NBA MVP award goes to the best player on the best team, then so far it is clear that Steph Curry is that player. Not to mention him and his wife can get it cooking with the pot, and that alone deserves some MVP consideration.

2. Derrick Rose looks healthy, and that should scare all the teams in the Eastern Conference. After not consistently playing to start the season. Derrick Rose had appeared in nine straight games. While this might seem insignificant to some, Rose playing consistently is the first step for the former league MVP who has played a total of 10 games over the past two seasons. Rose is at 14 games played this year, and as he continues to play he shows more signs of being the old D-Rose. Take the last two games for example, Rose averaged 27 ppg & 4.5 apg on 56 percent shooting from the field. The Bulls currently are in fourth place, 2 1/2 games out of first place in the very open Eastern Conference. If Rose continues to get back to playing the way he did before the injuries that Bulls championship window looks wide open again. Read More


Start your 2015 off right with one of the biggest parties to ever hit the DMV – YOUMIGHTNOTGETIN is brought to you by the Chosen F.E.W. and will feature performances from some of the DMV;s hottest up and coming artists such as FRSHMNxVRSTY, DARREN HANIBLE and J.ADDO to name a few.

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