Google defines insanity as 1. being the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness. 2. extreme foolishness or irrationality.

If you believe this definition to be true, and have been following the recent protests and unrest that has been taking place in Baltimore, MD. You know one thing, black Americans response to what has been taking place has been just that, insane.

When I say insane, I don’t mean the rioting or the property damage that was done in the city, I mean the response of black people to the injustices facing them not just in Baltimore, but inner cities all across the United States.

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Freddie Gibbs is the last of the real. The former CTE label member hasn’t been with the label since December 2012,  the split however hasn’t stopped the Gary, Indiana native from growing his name in hip-hop circles.

Gibbs kept the the momentum from his 2014 album, Pinata, which was a joint project featuring super producer Madlib. By dropping a three-track EP entitled Pronto March of this year. While the three-track EP is hopefully something just temporary to hold fans over, Gibbs today dropped the video for the lead track on the EP, Pronto.

The video, directed by Nick Walker shows just how much of a tough guy Gangsta Gibbs really is, as he sits in a tub in the middle of a dark room with snakes while accompanied by two young women. If you’re yearning for an old school hip-hop guy, Gangsta Gibbs is your guy.

There are only two games left on the NBA calendar for 14 of its teams. While some teams and fans can’t wait for the season to over (look at all the Lakers fans sneaking out the room) other more fortunate fan bases are looking forward to the second season, the playoffs. So before we dissect first round match-ups and which player will have a breakout performance in this year playoffs. We do our final regular season installment of “5 More Things We’ve Learned About the NBA”.

1. Steph Curry should be, and more likely will be your NBA MVP.  This year, unlike those of recent memory, there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut winner for the league MVP, or a battle. This year, is more of a tournament in that there are legitimately five candidates who are deserving of the award. In no particular order – Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Steph Curry, James Harden and Russell Westbrook all have substantial cases as to why they are the deserving MVP. Each player is top 10 in scoring, each player was voted an All-Star this year, and more importantly than anything, each of their respective teams are above .500. So after all this, why does Steph Curry hold an edge? Simple, he’s been the best player on the best team. Whether you agree or not, that’s how this award is mainly given out. Whether it was Steve Nash 2005-06 MVP or anytime Jordan didn’t win during his prime in the 90s. The award doesn’t go necessarily to the best player, but the player who “means the most to his team” whatever that means. This year’s race will come down to Curry vs. Harden, and while Harden has the edge statistcally, and it can be argued he’s done more with less. The fact that Curry will be a top five player on the best team in the league will ultimately be the deciding factor. It also doesn’t hurt that no one who plays below the rim is as exciting as Curry, and not too many who play above it are either.  Read More

It has been a while since FreeJacob dropped some new music for the people. Last week however, the Uptown rapper made his return, as he hopped on the remix to RasNebYu track Urgent. RasNeb whom also calls Uptown home, has been making major moves throughout the city opening up for rapper Nipsey Hussle, as well as being on the lineup for festivals such as Trilectro last year and Broccoli Festival this April.

The two minute video sees both rappers in the studio as they worked to bring this track to life. Hopefully there’s more collaborations from these two Uptown cats sooner than later.

Standout Bars 

These niggas can’t hold me back, matter a fact they can hold these nuts/

I’m the 03 Kobe, flow so Holy, Jacob Christian, I might OD.

KunLé of Freshmen on Varsity recently dropped the visuals to his track Monday that you are sure to enjoy. Freshmen on Varsity have been making a name for themselves in the DMV area with songs that you may have heard such as Fly with the Wind & Tonight. Well if you haven’t , this video will surely be the one to do so.

The video finds KunLé enjoying the day with his lady friend and getting high, will presume it was Monday.

the video is directed by Directed by: DIMÈJI (@Outcheaville) & Richy Guzman (@GuzGuz). For more information on all things Freshmen on Varsity follow their Twitter page


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