Iman Shumpert is worth $40 million, Demare Carroll netted $20 million more bills than that, and even Al-Farouq Aminu will cost a franchise (the Portland Trail Blazers) $30 million big ones in the open market. The impending TV deal will bump the cap from $67 million this year to $90 million next year, and then another spartan-like leap in 2017-2018 to around $108 million.

And what has this madness led to??

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The date was August 12, 2013, and Big Sean was about to drop a song that would change the landscape of hip-hop. That track was Control, and while it wouldn’t be Sean that delivered the game-changing verse, his role in the situation is just as important.

If you don’t know who delivered the game changing verse, you probably have been living under a rock for the last two years, or maybe you just forgot. In any case, the verse was delivered by Kendrick Lamar, who at the time had the biggest buzz in the industry.

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In 2013, Drake won a Grammy for Best Rap Album with Take Care. After the Grammy’s he dropped “Started From The Bottom“. At the time, it was like “oh shit!” new Drake. No one knew, not even himself, how big of a deal this record would be and it went to show how important of a figure he is to music today.

Introducing OVO Ryan & OB OBrien, the video has humor & a nice skit showcasing the bottom. Ending it with beautiful ladies, real friends, great vibes, and dancing with Gold bars(Drake) at his compound, looking back, the video definitely was important to Drake’s run.


I am not well-versed on ballet. It was never really something that I took a personal interest in, in terms of participation, inspiration or entertainment and 22 years into my life, I’m beginning to wonder whether or not that’s because there was never any public cultural representation. I mean, even in movies and television the black ballerina was such a rarity that the idea of her existence almost appeared to be mythical. When you think about this, you have to think that I can’t possibly be the only other black woman who felt this way and that leads you on to thinking what this means for young black girls today who may not have even known that ballet was an option for them.

Well there’s a cultural shift within this form of art that is taking place as you read this. This week, Misty Copeland became not only the very first Black woman to dance Swan Lake at the Metropolitan Opera House during American Ballet Theatre, she also became the very first Black woman to be promoted to principal dancer in the 75 years that the company has been in existence. Misty, 32 years old, is making history and we must encourage ourselves to celebrate the barriers that she is tearing down for the young Black women that will secede her for years to come.

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At midnight last night (or this morning? I’m not sure I’ll ever know which way to refer to midnight) Rihanna released her highly-anticipated Bitch Better Have My Money video. And in typical Rihanna fashion, it has well over a million views in a short 7 hours.

My favorite thing about the video is that it appears to have stemmed from a real-life situation. According to several sources, Rihanna actually sued her accountant in February of last year for offering her bad advice on housing and several other things that caused her to lose $9 million in a year. Her accountant’s most public response was “At the core of her claim is the belief that someone else is responsible for her conduct and its consequences.” Well, regardless of whatever the outcome was of that case, they say that experience makes for the best storytelling.

And if you think like me, you may have noticed some symbolism. You’re not slick RihRih.



June 30th, 2015 Apple Music took storm.

The new streaming service offered by Apple is available with the iOS 8.4 update.

Apple Music will be available for a three-month free trial, after which users can sign up for a subscription at $9.99 a month. There’s also a family plan that supports up to six people for $14.99 a month.

So now that I got that out the way here’s what you really need to know about Apple’s new music streaming service (pay attention):

How to disable auto-pay now to avoid surprise charges after the three-month free trial: Read More


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