The Grammy’s aren’t for another four months, but the hottest rapper of the past five years earlier this week decided to give out his own Grammy words via instagram.

Now it’s long been known that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has long been criticized for not being as diligent and thorough with their hip-hop/rap selection winners in the past (Macklemore won a Grammy over Drake, Kendrick and Jay Z during the same year, let that sink in).

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I personally think weekly rankings are emotional at best, and just another form of recapping the prior games of weeks. I think taking chunks of things and dissecting them works a little more. Plus this isn’t college, a poll doesn’t settle this winner.

With that said, we do four NFL rankings throughout the year at HazieThoughts, this is our first installment.

1. Seattle Seahawks (2-1) – coming off a bye week the team travels east to play the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. The Seahawks and the Redskins should be well rested so there won’t be much room for excuse. Expect the Seahawks to dominate early and often and show to a national audience how good of a team they really are. Following 3 games vs Dallas, @ STL @CAR

2. Arizona Cardinals (3-0) The Cardinals have arguably been the best team in the league through four games, like the No. 1 rank team, the Cardinals are coming off a bye week. The Cardinals face the Denver Broncos, and are looking to go into Gillette Stadium in the altitude and come out with a victory. Defense has been the reason for the Cardinals quick start holding their first three opponents all to less than 20 points. Following 3 games vs WSH @ OAK vs PHI

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Over the past 10 days, the American sports arena has been littered with social issues. From cases involving domestic violence and child abuse in the NFL, to additional cases involving racism and prejudice in the NBA. The offenders in these instances have been both players and management, black and white, young and old. But despite diversity within these issues, society decides to use a microscopic lens to focus on sports, most specifically and recently the NFL, essentially giving it the responsibility of setting the standard for the ways in which these issues should be resolved and I ponder why.
Sports are a reflection of our world, not the other way around, but for years we have turned athletes into the role models for our society and in some cases, stand-in parents. We’ve absolved ourselves of culpability on pertinent matters, and projected it onto superstar athletes to teach valuable lessons in our absence. Unfortunately this is leading to a rather skewed perspective on the athletes themselves when they make mistakes. Rather than taking responsibility for not starting a discourse on important issues, we blame it on the people in our society who we believe have a bigger platform than we do.
Domestic violence didn’t start with Ray Rice; Adrian Peterson isn’t the first person to abuse his child; and Donald Sterling wasn’t the first person to display racism in his everyday actions. Yet as a society, we have especially scrutinized this sector for its mishandling of century-old problems.

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As a huge fan for years, I can only elate in the magic that is Jhene Aiko’s debut album Souled Out, released yesterday 9/9/2014. Her sound, her style, her message are all things I think are important and excessively relevant in today’s day and age. She’s done an incredible job staying true to her own sense of self through her lyrics while attempting to inspire others to do the same. This song, W.A.Y.S., an acronym for Why Aren’t You Smiling (something her brother, who passed away, used to ask people constantly) is probably one of my favorites on the album.

Listen for yourself:

My favorite part of the album is the Thank You section, here:


Hopefully I’ve convinced you to buy the album. You can do it here. 


Article written by guest blogger,  Josh Engel

No one really knows what to expect out of the Tennessee Titans as a team this upcoming year. They are in a bit of limbo at this point in time, trying to rebuild while still staying competitive to a degree. While there might be a lot of question marks around the field for them in general, one guy who has turned into a star in the making is wide receiver Justin Hunter.

People in fantasy football have already fallen in love with the wide receiver after an outstanding preseason. He has the size and athleticism to be a star, and he seems to be putting it all together now that he has his feet wet in the NFL.

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